Get Found Online and Grow Your Septic Tank Business

Find new customers who need your services and enhance the image of your septic tank pumping business with a professional, modern website that will get you found online – on any device or search engine.

What We Do

The process of building a website takes a minimum of three weeks for an entry level single operator website. For larger and more complex websites, for companies with multiple trucks and many employees, the process can take up to two months. Either way, our job is to build you a website that will bring new customers to your company.  The following three steps are required to accomplish this.


Keyword research

We do keyword research before we start to write content for your new website. We mentioned this on our home page where we said:

“Say someone is looking to get their septic tank cleaned out.  Will they search for you with the search term septic tank pumping or the search term septic tank cleaning?” 

 “Keyword research tells us that septic tank pumping near me is searched for more than 22,000 times a month, while the term septic tank cleaning near me is only searched for about 8,000 times a month. If you don’t have the word ‘pumping’ in your content and in your page header, you could miss out on about 75% of people searching for your company.”


Writing SEO friendly content

Now that we’ve finished the keyword research needed to make sure people searching for your services will find you, we’ll write content for all of the pages we have decided you’ll need to describe your services and attract new customers.

You will be a big part of this process; from first drafts to the final content.  Plan on spending 15-20 minutes with us on the phone two to three times a week during this writing process.  We will have many questions for you and will need to ‘pick your brain’ so we can correctly tell your prospects why they should have you and your company be their septic tank service company.   


Designing and Building the Website

 This is where all of the above comes together.  We usually use the colors on your truck for base colors on your website.  We will show you quite a few examples of what other companies hove done with colors, pictures and other graphic elements.  Remember, our mission is to make your site ‘pop’.  It needs to grab the reader’s attention and make them read more about why they should do business with you.

What It Costs

Don’t you hate it when some one says, “It depends”.  Well, that’s true.  It’s beyond the scope of this discussion to explain all that goes into the process of designing and building a website.  There are so many options. But after we’ve spent time learning about you, we will recommend the size of the website for what’s best for you to consider based on your needs and expectations.

A Small site

Some people think of a website as an option to having a business brochure that they might otherwise hand out.  Or as a glorified business card.  But the downside of this is that the brochure isn’t working every hour in the background.  A small website with 3 pages will have enough headings and keywords that it will likely be seen by people looking for someone to pump their septic tank.

When we work with you on a smaller website, we do explain that you only have 3 pages of titles, headings and Meta descriptions. This means you only have three chances to get found on different keyword searches for your business.  This smaller site only costs $700 up front with monthly ongoing fees for SEO, maintenance and hosting payable at $80 a month billed Quarterly.

A Medium site

This 5-page site is for the operator with just one truck who is already successful but who wants to grow the business and add more trucks and more customers.  More pages mean you’ll have more chances to be found by new prospective customers.

You will be more involved in the building of this website because we will want to build in the flexibility to add even more pages as your business grows and you add employees. We like to help make you successful.  The more successful you are the happier we are.  This site costs $900 up front with monthly fees for Hosting, SEO and Maintenance payable at $100 a month billed quarterly.

A Large site

You are a large company with multiple trucks and many more services to offer than the one-man operator.  You do new installs, grease traps, add risers to existing septic tanks that are buried deep and have excess capacity to do anything involving septic services.  You need dynamite graphics and 10 to 20 pages. Upfront costs will be between $2,000 and $3,000 and maintenance $200-$300 a month, billed quarterly.

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