Enhance the first impression of your website with Personal Images

Pictures of you working in your environment adds a lot of ‘trust’ when someone is looking for a septic tank service company near me.

Think of when you open a website for the first time.  You’re drawn to the pictures first, and then you’ll read the text. So, pictures are important.  Especially on your ‘about us’ or ‘contact us’ pages.  We recommend showing a picture of you and your family (and pets) if you are a family-owned local business.  If you are a multi-truck business with many employees, then a picture of your employees in front of your trucks should be right there on the top of your home page.

Using a series of ‘work in process’ series of pictures is another way of telling your story.  For example, if you do new septic tank installations, you should take a series of pictures at each stage of the install process.  Maybe 8–10 pictures that will show a new prospect what you will be doing during the installation of their new septic tank.

We recommend multiple pictures of you and your truck and you in the field on each of your inside pages.  If you don’t have many pictures of you ‘in the field’, there are hundreds of stock pictures we can choose from.  See the small galley below for a few ideas of other pictures that will draw people’s attention and will hold them on your site longer.

Remember, the objective of building a website is to get new customers to find you and to want to do business with you.  Pictures help establish your credibility in the septic services world.  Don’t delay, call us today!

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