Postcard Direct Mail Marketing for Septic Service Companies

We help septic companies design and mail eye catching postcards describing their services to the local community that are not on a city sewage system. Postcards are a great way to introduce you and your company to prospective customers in your area.

Postcards tend to have a second life. Your prospects may not call you when they first receive your mailing, but many people will file it for future use.

Postcard Design for Effective Results

When we design your postcard it will tell your story, highlighting your strengths and it will make you look like ‘The Guy’ in your local area.  Call us and we‘ll show you examples of how we will personalize you card based on your strengths, whether it’s Pumping or other services you offer.

We like to use a picture of you and your truck on your card.  It personalizes the card and makes the person reading it more likely to call you.

postcard design marketing local septic site

Postcard Direct Mail Costs

There are three ways to “target” your prospects.  Each way has different costs and will let you decide who your best prospects are and who you actually want to do business with in your marketing area.

First is EDDM – every door direct mail – the least expensive but with shortcomings. This is the least expensive method because it floods every mailbox on a mail carriers’ route. Cost – .60 cents per card.  Minimum 5,000 cards

Second is to drill down to homeowners with certain characteristics that meet your criteria.  For example – Owner occupied, no rentals or businesses.  Or, maybe businesses only.  Cost – .70 cents.  Minimum 3,000 cards

Third is to drill down even deeper, maybe to absentee owners who do not live in the home. If the owner is an investor and lives out of town (common in rural farming areas where almost 20% of the homes are occupied by a tenant farmer), they are usually out of touch with the condition of the septic tank on the property. Also, many states require an inspection on a property that has a septic tank for real estate sale purposes.  In this case, chances are, the out-of-town owner may keep your card for future reference.  Cost – .80 cents.  Minimum 3,000 cards.

All expenses are included in the costs shown above, including designing the card, determining the best target market, purchasing the names, printing the cards, ink jetting the names on the cards and the postage costs. These quotes are for a 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 size postcard printed in full color on both sides.

This is a great way to introduce your business to homeowners in your septic tank pumping marketing area. Your card will be a personally customized, high-impact full color postcard describing your business.  The sample above is just one idea.


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